In response to an increased demand for pink products, Kolorfusion offers a product enhancement process that creates pink products for Breast Cancer Awareness, which stand out on product shelves. Kolorfusion utilizes a patented, three-dimensional method that goes beyond the typical decorating approaches, such as silk screening, decals, and pink paint. Kolorfusion transfers ANY new or existing pink Breast Cancer Awareness designs onto a product, regardless of shape. The result is a durable, attractive pink product, which can be used to support the pink cause (breast cancer research). Kolorfusion is developing of variety of affordable, pink patterns for Breast Cancer Awareness that can be imaged onto any of your products. Companies may use pink patterns actually created by Kolorfusion or simply supply their own digital images, which Kolorfusion will transfer to their pink products. Kolorfusion goes beyond just thinking pink with its ultimate product customization process. Think Beyond Pink, Think Kolorfusion!